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Thursday, January 12, 2017

REVIEW: 2-6-0 Mogul by Spookshow.net

One of our friends over at Spookshow.net reviewed one of our Model Power 2-6-0 Moguls.

Model Power / MRC / Ajin (Korea) 2-6-0 Mogul


Introduced: 2006 (Model Power version) and 2017 (revised MRC version)
This was the last in a line of Korean-made steam locomotives from Model Power. Said line included (along with this Mogul) a 4-6-2 Pacific, a 2-8-2 Mikado and a 4-4-0 American. These models are available in a variety of different configurations (with the detailing varying based on the prototype in question) -
• Headlight (Top or Center)
• Pilot (Foot Board or Boiler Tube)
• Cylinder Type (Slide Cylinder or Valve Cylinder)
• Cab Windows (Rectangular or Arched)
• Tender Trucks (Andrews or Arch Bar)

All of the alternate options are supplied ala carte with the undecorated units, allowing you to configure them however you like -

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