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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Creating a Realistic WWII Vignette with JTT Scenery Products

The following is an  article by Big Bill Schwarz, president NJIPMS

Creating a Realistic WWII Vignette with JTT Scenery Products 

My club, NJIPMS here in New Jersey does group builds about once a year. This year’s theme (2012) was 1/48th scale OTAKI models. The theme was to see what could be built out of these great old kits. The model pictured here is an OTAKI KI-44 TOJO. I usually put my models on a base to show perspective and natural surroundings. I wanted to show a remote pacific island in WWII. With the help of JTT Scenery, mission accomplished.

My base was made from a round wooden clock mounting base. After prepping and sanding the base for tooth to put the scenery on, I used carpenters glue and laid down the plank base on which the airplane sits. The planks are coffee stirrers from the dollar store which I stained for visual effect. Now comes the fun part. The initial ground work was laid down using Celluclay, tinted with tan latex house paint and mixed with white glue. I spread it on the base with an old knife, stippled it with an old paint brush and wiped off the edges. This gives a natural, uneven look to the ground. At this time, I also added the various JTT palm trees and hedges.  

Next up was a layer of diluted white glue on the ground to lay the turf on. I used a mixture of fine tan ballast, some shades of green turf, and around the trees and shrubbery I blended textures of foliage to simulate dead leaves and plants. When that was dry, I added the various flowering plants and some different brown turf textures to blend everything together. When that was all dry, I shot a clear flat coat tinted with a bit of khaki paint to tone down and blend in the colors. I was happy with the result. I mounted my TOJO and the base was complete as was the WWII pacific island theme. The pilot adds the final touch and he even has his Samurai sword.  

All of the products used on the base with the exception of one palm tree came directly from JTT Scenery Products. The palms, the hedges, the flowering plants, the sand colored ballast are all in the catalog. JTT has a broad line of trees, plants, hedges and scenic accessories. They are extremely easy to use and with a little work they’ll help you create the scenic environment you want to achieve. I recommend the use of JTT Scenery Products. I have been modeling for 30 some odd years and have used a lot of products for my vignettes and I would rank JTT Scenery Products right up there with the best. Look into their line of products and have fun. I certainly did.


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