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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Detailing Your Scenery

The Devil is in the details...

More than any other facet of model building, the construction of scenery provides the vehicle that not only adds an additional dimension to one’s models, but also enhances the realism of each subject. Scenery helps place each miniature creation in its ‘natural’ environment. So whether one is constructing a model railroad layout, building a military diorama, working on a school project or assembling a doll house your efforts can be improved by adding scenery to the project.

Effective scenery is not difficult to create. It requires only simple tools and construction techniques to complete any scene from the simplest to the most complex. While there is some ‘art’ involved in its application, most effective scenery only involves observation of the scene that one is attempting to capture and as is the case of any great model, attention to detail. 

Adding the details could not be simpler when using JTT Scenery products. All of the tedious tasks have already been done when using JTT plants and trees, all one has to do is ‘plant’ each item as it would appear in the natural world. Even large areas can be detailed quickly with the wide array of ground covers and other scenic products available from JTT. 

In order to help the novice get started as well as give some inspiration to those with more experience, this book is designed to provide a series of easy to complete projects using basic materials along with JTT Scenery products. Each project not only includes a complete list of materials used in its construction but also includes a number of easy to follow techniques for creating realistic scenery for any type of model building. – George Riley

This article is from "Detailing Scenery with MRC - JTT Landscaping Tips and Techniques.  CLICK HERE to download the entire magazine.

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