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Monday, October 3, 2016

Flowering Meadows and Grassland Landscaping

The following is an  article by Tom Staley, owner of Tom’s Train Station, Raleigh, NC.

Among the JTT scenery products introduced this year are two great items, flowering meadows and grassland landscaping, both of which are part of the Landscaping Detail Series.




The flowering meadows come in red (0595604), yellow (0595605), and purple (0595606). The grassland landscaping comes in green (0595601), wild (0595602), and golden (0595603). Now, you might not get excited until you open the packages and put it in your hand and start to use it. Versatile, they can be used in hundreds of places.

Both the flowering meadows and grassland landscaping come on 5” x 7” sheets. This allows you to glue the sheets directly to your layout. And being no two sheets are exactly alike, you can place the sheets next to each other and still attain realism and create maximum interest.  They also work in a random pattern.  I like cutting several flowering meadows bushes out of a sheet and gluing them randomly around my layout.  The three colors will make your layout landscaping pop out and look great. Because the bushes are different heights, they not only add beauty, they also give your layout a depth dimension.




My favorite one was the green grassland landscaping (0595601).  All I had to do was to add a fence to it and add some cows and I had great fenced cattle pen.

The two products are easy to use and give your layout a neat look.  The hint of colors on the bushes is just another one the details that gives you that professional look.  You will get attention, I promise.

JTT has kept the cost affordable.  So don’t miss out on this new product…another must have!!

My tip of the month is an easy one for planting JTT fruit trees.  Place some of the available loose apple, orange, and lemon fruits on the ground under the trees, this will give a more authentic look to your orchard

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