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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

1941 T34/76 Russian Tank in the Ukrainian Countryside

Articles and layouts by Vince D'Alessio, member of NJIPMS

1941 T34/76 Russian Tank in the Ukrainian Countryside

As a member of NJIPMS, I took part in a group build of a Tamiya 1/48 scale AFV. I chose the T34/76 1941 version Russian Tank. This model recently took best out of the box at the Hudson Valley Historical Miniatures Guild Contest. This is my second attempt to build with a base. I chose a wooden pine 11” by 8”. My concept was to capture a vision of the T/34 in motion, moving into position to cut off the German advance through the Ukrainian countryside.

I first applied white glue to the base. Then I added Ground Cover Turfs, Soil #0595113, Earth #0595128, Golden Straw #0595116 and Burnt Grass #0595120. They were allowed to dry for approximately 24 hours. I then added Blended Turfs Green #0595105 and Autumn Blend #0595107

I sprayed finely diluted white glue on top of this and allowed it to dry for 24 hours. Next, I wanted to add gravel to the edges of the base. This was done by applying Earth Medium Blend #0595311, again sprayed with diluted white glue and allowed to dry for 24 hours. I then placed Flower Bushes #0595505 using thick white glue to position them. Next came two trees, a 5” Live Oak Tree #0596043 and an 8” Pine Tree #0596027

I planted them by drilling holes and applying CA adhesive. I am very happy with the finished base, as it adds yet another dimension to this award winning model.

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