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Monday, September 26, 2016

JTT Scenery Quick Tips

JTT makes a world of scenery that adds that professional touch to any model railroad, military model, diorama or even doll house.

All of the products are easy to use and will yield superior results. To illustrate some of the many ways that JTT Scenery can be used here are some quick, simple and effective scenery tips.

JTT Scenery Detail Sheets are a quick way to fill in that open patch of ground be it a vacant lot, small pasture or overgrown field. These sheets also let one model different environments and seasons.

Step 1 – Cut the sheet to fit the space. This can be done using a pair of scissors or hobby knife.

Step 2 – Remove the Kraft paper backing
Step 3 – Glue in place using scenery cement, matte medium or white glue. Once the glue is dry blend in the edges with some loose ground cover and the scenery is done. Simple, Easy, Fast.
Add Curb appeal to your residential areas.
The addition of flowering plants, shrubs and bushes around the yard will really add to the realism and detail of any residential scene.
Plant a vegetable garden out back.
Most family run farms as well as a lot of homes have a small plot set aside to grow vegetables and herbs for the kitchen. A couple of packs of JTT HO or O scale corn plants is a great start to any garden. Add a few rows of row crops and even a tomato plant or two to round out the selection. This will not only add detail, but will also be a focal point that will draw attention to the scene.
Mix and Match different products to replicate different times of the year.
A set of JTT O scale pumpkins coupled with some JTT dry vines sets the scene as the pumpkins are ready for the fall harvest.
Add Biodiversity to your project.
In the real world one will see a wide range of different plants in any scene. Don’t limit your model world to just a few species. Add a stand of JTT cat tails to that wet spot by the pond or some tall try grass, some dry leaves and a tree behind the shed.
Use different scenery products to create different seasons.
JTT scenery comes in a wide variety of seasonal types. Winter, spring, summer or fall can easily be realistically replicated. Here JTT dead tries, dry vines, loose leaf ground cover and dry leaf foliage branches create a convincing late fall forest scene.

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