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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Tiger in the Grass

JTT landscaping, including trees, flowers, hedges, corn stalks, grasses, gravel and more have become popular staples for hobbyists of just about every stripe... Model railroaders, dollhouse crafters, students with school projects, architect’s and others. One key niche where MRC-JTT Scenery Products has proven invaluable is plastic modeling for scale military and automobile dioramas. Matt Wieczorek sent us some photos and info on one of his JTT augmented projects.

A Tiger in the Grass: A quick project.

As I started to put a 10” x 6” display case around my Italeri 1/35 scale Tiger Tank, I started thinking something was missing. Then it dawned on me, the Tiger called out to me to add something else. I began thinking about a setting, creating a scene. Then it struck me, the Tiger would look good if it were laying in wait in a field of tall grasses.

With that thought in mind, I went to work with JTT landscaping products. I used the three items listed below, to create a very simple, but effective environment.

First, I painted the base flat black and let it dry. I then coated the base with some diluted white glue, and sprinkled on JTT’s Autumn Blended Medium Turf #0595108. While the base was still wet, I added the tank and rolled it back and forth into the base to leave some track marks. Once the tank was in place, I fixed it with white glue to keep it there. At that point I added some covering to the tracks and around the wheels of the tank. I left this dry overnight, and started on the next steps.

I took some of JTT’s tall field grasses, Golden Brown Field Grass #0595085, and Natural Brown Field Grass #0595084. I mixed them together in my hand then cut them into different sizes so they would look natural once planted. When I had some at the right lengths, I dabbed the bottoms into a pool of white glue, and placed them randomly around the tank itself. In the end, I achieved the base look I was going for. I also added some more of the ground cover in the areas where I needed to fill in bare areas spaces. This worked well. Now, I have a Tiger in the grass waiting to pounce.

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